Yardwork Exercise

Obesity and health related issues due to a lack of exercise are at historic levels. We become conditioned to be idle and view exercise as a great expense. Let's be honest, we do not need a gym membership or 1000's of dollars in equipment to stay fit. Your own yard can provide ways to stay fit and improve your health! The yard can give you many ways to exercise, especially if you’re engaged in gardening and landscaping. Just by making a few small changes to your outlook, your lawn can be more than an attractive recreation space; it can be your gym membership and personal trainer as well.

Yardwork creates many ways to exercise. Instead of getting the trendiest gas burning mower and other gas tools, use the manual versions. Obviously, the biggest change you can make is using a reel push mower. I heard there is a website that sell these :) Power mowers can add to pollution as much as a car. An average weight person pushing a reel mower burns approximately 400 calories an hour!

Landscaping is also a natural fat burner. If you do as much yardwork yourself as you can, you will use massive amounts of energy lifting, carrying, and digging. Gardening is a little more laid back exercise but it also pays off in mental health benefits as well. Don’t spray the weeds - PULL them! You will burn another 250+ calories an hour as you do it and maybe do a little to reduce the harm to the environment.

Just spending more of your time physically walking around an maintaining your yard will result in some positive exercise and a positive for the environment.

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