Green Mowing

Many new homeowners are searching for an eco-friendly solution to maintaining the yard. Reel push mowers are certainly not a new idea, but they are getting some traction in the modern green world movement. Eco-conscious homeowners are ditching the self-propelled, gas eating mowers for the old school, people powered versions in huge numbers.

Reel push mowers are different from standard gas mowers in several unique ways. First invented by Edwin Budding in 1830, the manual push reel mower permitted even the middle class citizenry to easily maintain their lawns. Mr. Budding’s mower did not have an engine and was operated the old fashioned way, you move it yourself. The design fairly simple; numerous blades are connected to a a circular frame. The blades spin, perpendicular to the ground, clipping the grass with each pass. Early mowers were made of steel and the weight made them tough to push. The modern lighter plastic and metal materials make new push reel mowers much easier to handle.

Reel push mowers are popular with environmentally aware consumers for several reasons. First, no gasoline or oil, therefore no nasty emissions. Injuries occur less frequently with push reel lawnmowers. When you stop pushing, the blades stop cutting. Gas powered mowers cause millions of injuries each year, but accidents caused by push reel mowers are much rarer and less severe.

Reel push mowers are usually much less costly to buy and maintain than gas mowers, making them a great value proposition. Some lubricant and infrequent blade sharpening is all that is required. Manual push reel mowers are great for getting your exercise too, sub out your daily workout by mowing the lawn.

A reduction in noise pollution is an additional plus. Barring the sounds you make while mowing, these mowers are almost silent. Grass cutting at any time of day without bothering your neighbors is easy with a reel push mower.

A push reel mower may not be for you is you have acres and acres to mow. But for most suburban homeowners with a reasonably sized yard, the benefits and cost savings of manual lawnmowers make it a green (money and environment) choice for mowing your yard.

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