Choosing the right model

Choosing the Best Push Reel Mower For You

The basics of a reel mower are pretty standard. You will want to evaluate the following criteria when making your decision:

  • Weight. How heavy will it be and what is the topography of my lawn?
  • Width. Wider means less passes to complete your lawn, but that extra width also comes with some additional weight. How big your yard is and how it is laid out will give you some things to think about.
  • Height Adjustment. How low or high can I adjust the mower cut? We all have our own preferences, but depending on type of grass, and time of year, you want to be able to make those adjustments
  • Direction of grass spray. These mowers are set up to spray the grass either to the front or rear. To the rear can get a lot of clipping on your shoes (ubless you have a catch bag), to the front ay impact the quality of the cut.
  • Bagger. Do you want a grass catcher? It adds some additional weight and work (emptying the bag), but it can make for a nicer look when you retrieve the clippings.
  • Price. This type of mower usually ranges in the $85-$200 range. You may want to start with a cheap one to get the hang of it or go all-in on a more professional and well built model.

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