About Reel Push Mowers

Ever get in the mood to mow the grass and realize you are out of gas? What a bummer - particularly if half the yard is complete. Electric mowers with cords can be a real pain as well. Many people are discovering that what is "old" can become new again. Hence, the increase in popularity of reel mowers. There are some fantastic reasons to make the switch to a push reel mower and you don't necessarily have to be the person that is primarily concerned with being "Green" to appreciate it.

Reel Push Mower Basics

The normal gas mower has a helicopter-like spinning blade that cuts the grass as it spins. You might be surprised to know that the result is torn and damaged grass. A reel mower can improve the health of your lawn.

Push reel mowers cut your grass like a hundred pairs of scissors, making for a cleaner, less stressful cut for your lawn.

Benefits of a reel push mower

There are numerous benefits that a push reel mower has over an electric or gas mower:

  • A healthier lawn. Grass damaged through the rough cutting of a normal mower are more susceptible to disease, insects and rot. A crisply cut lawn just heals faster.
  • A reel mower makes the lawn look nicer. The scissor-like cutting motion of A the reel mower makes for a clean and even looking lawn. At sports arenas and golf courses, they frequently use reel mowers.
  • They are much quieter. Noise pollution is a thing, as well as having to wait until your neighbor wakes up before mowing your lawn. Push reel mowers are very quiet by comparison.
  • The environmental choice. Push reel mowers produce absolutely zero emissions. They are really the only "green" choice when it comes to mowing your lawn.
  • Super Simple. You push - the blades spin. No small engine things to worry about, broken pull cords, spark plugs and all the rest.
  • They cost less. You can buy a high end reel mower for the cost of the cheapest gas mower at WalMart. Add in your gas savings, and you are saving some decent money.
  • Exercise. Be careful not to go too big on your push reel mower! You can definitely get a nice workout using the reel mower, and who doesn't need that?

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